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Living a positive lifestyle has more benefits than just “feeling better.” Focusing on positive thoughts can actually impact your overall health.

Gazette writer, Libby Kinder, visited WMMI's temporary exhibit, "Left Behind in the Mines" See her article here, and visit the featured exhibit at 225 North Gate Blvd

Take the time to find out how those around you like to receive gratitude, appreciation and love. You’ll find that meeting them with the love language they most appreciate will help strengthen your relationships.

WMMI opened its new, temporary exhibit, "Left Behind in the Mines" featuring a wide variety of items that have been found abandoned in mines throughout the west. This collection gives us a glimpse as to what life was like during those difficult and challenging times. It sparks your imagination as to who these men were and how they passed their time.

This September, remember to focus on you and your personal growth. Even small steps can add up to huge results over time. It all starts now!

The Western Museum of Mining and Industry is home to many restored machines that were used for mining and other purposes throughout the country. Many of the machines at WMMI operate and are part of the daily tours. This beautiful Cornish Walking Beam Engine is a static display outside on the 27 acre campus.

Taking the first step to volunteer or get involved with an organization is hard, but these steps can help you dive in!

See the WMMI Blacksmith Shop in Action Saturday, August 20, or any Saturday in October at the Miners' Pumpkin Patch. The Blacksmith Shop here at WMMI is a reconstruction of a shop formerly at the Orpha May Mine, a few miles southeast of Cripple Creek. The physical location of the shop, relative to the headframe, was chosen based on photos of the Orpha May. This indicates how important the blacksmith was to a mining operation, that it needed to be close to the mining operations. The shop is stocked with a collection of vintage tools that are typical of what would be seen in the late 19th or early 20th century.

Back-to-school time can be a learning experience for everybody, even if you don’t have school aged children. It’s a time to remember that no matter where you are in life, you can continue to learn!

Water sustains life. Therefore, it’s vitally important to all of us. This August, celebrate National Water Quality Month by being aware of your water habits and taking steps to ensure clean water for everyone. When we have clean water, we can lead satisfying lives.