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Left Behind in the Mines

Cans on Shelf from Museum Display

     WMMI is proud to present a new, limited time exhibit called, "Left Behind in the Mines."  It features a variety of items that were discovered by novice explorer Byran Kahtava.  Bryan has spent a lifetime researching and exploring various mines throughout the west and discovered a hidden world of miner's "treasures" (fully embracing the thought that one man's trash is another man's treasure)

     Much of what Byran has found came from lots of time researching, hard work planning the actual mine exploration and...some luck.  He has found Levi's, and work shirts; playing cards and letters; food and drink remains; tools of the trade...and some surprising odds and ends that tell the story of the workers from a time gone by.  One of the most intriguing finds was a full kit, including tools and some personal items--all neatly packaged in their sack. One can only imagine the reasons why this worker left all of his belongings in such a state.  

     Bryan also explains the risks, and risk-mitigation he takes before he descends into the old mines.  This is not something to begin without ample preparation and some decent training. He always has enough light and power sources, sturdy ropes and a strong knowledge of the engineering of the mine structure. He has come across old animal bones and some strong smells in his travels!  Ultimately, Bryan is very respectful of the history of the mines and feels a compelling drive to preserve the history and the stories of our American miners.

     We invite you to come see this fascinating glimpse into the life of those who carved out our western mining history.  The exhibit, "Left Behind in the Mines" is open when the museum is open and runs through February 2023.