Mining Museum Adopts New Burro!
FYI: Burro is a Spanish word meaning donkey...

(Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for a short video.)

This is Chism arriving from Longhopes Donkey Shelter.
Click here to get more info about how Longhopes rescues unwanted donkeys!
Chism gets on and off the stock trailer with ease! This shows good training…

When they first meet, Burros smell each others breath. 
New arrival Chism (right) meets our old friend Nugget (left).

Want to smell Chism’s breath?

Nugget (left) welcomes Chism (right) along with (from left to right) burro caretakers (sometime called wranglers): Jennifer, Margo, Brad, Tricia, and Kristen.

Here’s a welcome video!

Our nonprofit is committed to the care of Nugget & Chism, and invests over $5,000 annually in feed, veterinarian care, and staff time. If you'd like to become a "Burro Buddy" and help us with a small donation of just $30 per year to assist with the cost of having these animals in our community, please call or email Dave Futey at 719.488.0880, or Thank you for your consideration!